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UV Laser Engraving Machine,Born For High-end Market
Jun 23, 2018

With higher requirements of modern precision machining, UV laser marking machines have become the darling of the new era, because of its low thermal effect and ultra precision,which old laser technology cannot do this. It uses a cold processing, which is called "photoetching" effect. It has a very high load of energy (ultraviolet) photons, can break the material or the chemical bonds in the surrounding medium, to make the material non-thermal processing, and no heating or thermal deformation occurs in the inner layer and nearby areas. The final machined material has smooth edges and extremely low carbonization. Therefore, it minimizes  thermal effects and get a high fitness. MRJ-Laser has made great efforts in the field of laser marking machines and has developed a series of standard and non-standard automated UV laser marking equipment.

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Nowadays, with the rapid development of laser equipment, the power of UV laser marking machines has increased, and UV laser marking machines have been used in the high-end markets of ultra-fine processing, including the surface of bottles for iPhones, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods, and other high-molecular materials. Marking; flexible PCB board marking, scribing; silicon wafer micro hole, blind hole processing; LCD liquid crystal glass, glassware surface, metal surface coating, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials, etc. Fields.

Many of the symbols we commonly find in our daily life, such as metal or non-metal markings, words and designs, BMW logos, and cell phone keypads, are all marked by UV laser marking machines. The principle is that the laser of the UV laser marking machine evaporates the surface layer of the target substance to expose the deep layer of material, thereby “printing” the desired pattern text. In simple terms, the laser beam is used to print permanent marks on the surface of various substances.

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In the latest survey, apart from the electronics manufacturing industry, the precision laser manufacturing and service industry is one of the most promising industries in emerging industries and is currently in the early stages of growth. According to the statistics of the American Optoelectronics Development Association, the laser manufacturing and service industry has become the largest laser application industry except laser communication and laser storage technology. Therefore, the UV laser marking machine is constantly replacing and breaking through the traditional processing and manufacturing processes, UV laser marking machine processing will certainly surpass the ordinary laser processing industry, the future development of UV laser marking machine is the broadest.