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What Can Laser Marking Machines Do For The Food Packaging Industry?
Aug 29, 2018

In the consumer goods industry, packaging has always been an important aspect of special attention, especially food safety is the top priority of food packaging. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for food packaging is increasing as people's spending power continues to grow.

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But while paying attention to food safety and the beautifully packaged appearance, people often overlook many details, such as ignoring people's feelings when opening food packaging. For example, when opening peanuts or salad dressings, the package can easily spill, especially in packages that are too tightly sealed or unreasonably designed. Another example, because of the inadvertent leakage of the tear line, or the mechanically made tear line usually takes a lot of effort to tear, so it is difficult to control the strength when opening certain food packaging.

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At present, advanced laser technology has given us a solution to the problem. The application of laser marking machine in the green food industry is a new trend.

First, the laser system is able to select a single film layer in the flexible package for scribing. In this way, the perfect tearing effect of the flexible package is achieved, and the integrity of the film can be maintained, so that the outer film is intact and intact, so that we can effectively prevent problems such as seeing light and moisture in the package.

Secondly, today's advanced laser marking machine systems are completely capable of scribing in a freely combinable manner. For example, many of the current snack packaging uses a design style that is lined according to the outline of the printed pattern on the package. It is the advantage of the laser scribing system.

When the packaging belt needs to have holes, the laser marking machine can punch the packaging for "ventilation and preservation". This is the most advanced technology in the world. It can increase the shelf life of the goods in the package through punching, or cater to the product through the microwave oven. The pressure on the food packaging after heating.