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What Kind Of Materials That The 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine Can Mark
Jul 14, 2018

In recent years, we have seen more and more applications of laser marking in the field of printing. Among them, fiber laser marking machines are the most popular, compared with traditional mechanical engraving, chemical etching, screen printing, ink printing, etc. It has low cost, high flexibility, and can be controlled by computer system; perhaps everyone knows how to maintain the fiber laser marking machine, but what materials can be marked for the 20w fiber laser marking machine, but no one can make it clear; Edited for everyone to answer:

The marking system of 20w fiber laser marking machine adopts integrated design, imported scanning galvanometer, superior performance servo motor, German marking machine software and control card USB interface, so it can realize continuous uninterrupted in a wide range. Marking, and the 20w fiber laser marking machine has a longer mission than other laser marking machines.

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The 20w fiber laser marking machine can mark any metal (including rare metals), engineering plastics, electroplating materials, coating materials, spray materials, plastic rubber, epoxy resin, ceramics, etc., and the marking resolution is high. The image is very beautiful; however, some special materials are not suitable, such as wood, although the frequency can be increased, but the marked picture is not ideal.

Therefore, 20w fiber laser marking machine is widely used in electronic separation components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical circuits, mobile communication, hardware products, tool kitchen utensils, tool accessories, precision instruments, glasses and clocks, computer keyboards, jewelry, cars. Accessories, plastic buttons, plumbing fittings, sanitary ware, PVC pipes, medical equipment, bottles and so on.

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

In addition, the fiber laser used in the 20w fiber laser marking machine is imported and domestically produced, so the price of the fiber laser marking machine with different configurations is not the same; here, Baifei CNC reminds friends that when purchasing, it must be Understand the configuration and features of the machine.