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Who Said That Bathroom Ceramics Can Not Be Laser Marked!
Aug 27, 2018

Bathroom products must be used in people's daily life. They have similarities with other products. Bathroom ceramics also have different specifications and sizes. However, it is a bit different to use the laser marking machine to mark the color on the bathroom ceramics!

Because laser marking machines have been widely used in daily life with the development of lasers. The laser marking adopts the non-contact processing method, the marking is clear, the marking speed is fast, and the processing flexibility is large, and the marking of the bathroom products is not likely to be far-reaching. However, everyone should know that the laser will produce diffuse reflection on the ceramic, so the absorption of the laser by the ceramic is very poor, which is a big challenge for the laser marking machine to achieve the standard. Is there no way to do it? It’s not as bad as you think.

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At present, there are two types generally used: laser coating and laser flower paper. The laser coating is colored in powder form. The process flow is: firstly stir the powder with water and evenly spread it on the ceramic surface, and the coating is dry. Laser marking. The laser flower paper is simple and convenient to operate compared with the laser paint. The process flow is: soak the laser paper in water, and after the hair is off, the laser paper is attached to the ceramic surface, and the laser marking is performed immediately after about 5 minutes. This not only overcomes the diffuse reflection of the laser on the ceramic, but also enables the color marking of the ceramic.

Laser marking is a kind of laser processing. With the rapid development of technology, laser processing is also invisible to change people's lifestyle. Laser processing applications are also integrated into people's lives, such as laser cutting machines, and not only in metal cutting. Can also be used in clothing cutting!

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