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Why Do You Need To Check Security Labels When Buying Cosmetics?
Jul 03, 2018

Recently, bloggers have reported that bought fakes online on Sina Weibo, which causing heated discussions among netizens. Nowadays, cosmetics have fakes that are not "new" . The little fairies who love beauty are always hesitant to buy cosmetics and skin care products. If they feel the store untrustworthy, they won’t buy the goods.

Similar incidents have emerged in an endless stream, leading to a decline in consumer trust in brand owners. Cosmetic anti-counterfeiting has become a topic of most concern to women. Therefore, well-known brands such as L'Oreal, Estee and Lauder have adopted anti-counterfeiting labels.

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Is the QR code anti-counterfeit label really important for cosmetics? Of course Yes, the QR code anti-counterfeit label plays an important role in distinguishing the authenticity of the product.

The value of QR code anti-counterfeit labels in cosmetics:

1. Can show the formalization of cosmetics companies, to ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics themselves, so that consumers buy the goods trustingly.

2. The consumer can check the authenticity of the product through the query method on the QR code anti-counterfeit label to eliminate the consumer's worries.

3. After the selection of one thing and one code skills, each piece of cosmetics is given the only two-dimensional code, add the counterfeiter to the product's fraud difficulty, improve the cost of fraud, to resist counterfeiters to falsify the product.

The value of anti-counterfeit labels on cosmetics manufacturers:

1. Effectively enhance consumers' willingness to purchase, and have anti-counterfeiting labels to improve product levels and build brand image. The product has no anti-counterfeit labels, and the products are not regular. The

2. The company can complete the systematic processing of the products, and the QR code anti-counterfeit label adds a number to each product invisibly.

3, to protect the healthy and stable development of the supply chain, the formal product supply chain shopping mall will occupy a dominant position, can maintain the competitiveness of the mall.

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MRJ-Laser Flying online marking equipment combines laser marking with an electronic database platform to achieve “scanning code traceability”. When the consumer takes out the mobile phone to scan the bar code on the daily chemical products, you can check the authenticity of the product, from the production and sales of the product to the terminal facade, the production time of the product, the place of production, the price... all the information is transparent At a glance. In this way, customers no longer have to worry about buying fake and shoddy daily necessities, but also bring a better reputation to the company.