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Why Is The Stone Cleaning Of Cultural Relics Cleaned With Laser?
Oct 01, 2018

There are many ways to clean, dry ice cleaning, chemical cleaning, sand blast cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, etc., but these are used for cleaning parts of mechanical parts or molds. For the repair of stone and cultural relics, these methods will not work, not only the pollution, but also the stone itself, it is not acceptable for the restoration of cultural relics. 

The Chengdu MRJ-laser cleaner gently cleans and removes sand, marble, granite, terracotta and concrete from concrete without causing physical damage or damage to the building surface. The laser can finely clean the surface with color or pigment to remove the accumulated smoke and unsightly dirt to restore the original beauty. Extremely precise adjustment of the laser power (0-100%) and intensity in the system provides a unique tool for restoration.

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