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Why Laser Marking Machine Dominated Auto Industry?
Aug 02, 2018

A car is made up of a myriad of car parts. To distinguish, identify and manage complex and diverse parts, you need to identify the surface marks.

Automobiles and auto parts manufacturers pay more and more attention to detail and perfection. Laser marking machines occupy a place in the auto parts field by virtue of the incomparable superiority of traditional processing methods.

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In the field of automotive parts processing, laser marking machines are mainly used for marking of two-dimensional code, barcode, clear code, production date, serial number, logo, pattern, certification mark, warning mark and other information. It includes high-quality marking of various accessories such as automobile wheel arc, exhaust pipe, engine block, piston, crankshaft, acoustic light-transmitting button and label (nameplate).

The processing principle of the laser marking machine is to use a high-energy laser beam to illuminate the surface of the automobile parts. The light energy instantly becomes thermal energy, and the surface of the accessory is quickly evaporated, thereby engraving any desired text and graphics as permanent. Anti-counterfeiting identification mark.

Advantages of laser marking machine:

High precision: laser processing accuracy can be up to within millimeters, enabling ultra-fine graphic marking.

Wide range of materials: Laser marking machines are suitable for most automotive parts and materials, including metal or non-metal.

Good efficiency: The laser processing speed is fast, and the use of automatic assembly line and robot can greatly improve production efficiency.

The effect is good: the laser can complete the graphic mark of different depths of the accessories, and realize the effects of laser whitening, laser blackening, laser coloring and the like.