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With This 3D Laser Marking Machine: No Longer Afraid Of Curved Surfaces And Deep Carving
Sep 11, 2018

At present, the manufacturing industry has become more and more demanding for personalization and customization. As a new marking tool, laser marking is inevitably adapted to the new processing trend, so the 3D laser marking machine came into being. 3D laser marking machine can make up for many shortcomings of 2D laser marking machine, and has unique advantages in surface marking and deep carving.

Surface marking: In the traditional plane marking machine, the workpieces must be placed on the same plane, and the processing surfaces must also be on the same plane to achieve the marking of one molding, and the surface marking cannot be completed. The 3D laser marking machine can quickly change the laser focal length and laser beam orientation, and can realize surface marking that cannot be completed by 2D.

Deep carving: Traditional 2D marking has inherent defects when it is deeply engraved on the surface of the object. As the focus of the laser moves up during the engraving process, the laser energy acting on the actual surface of the object will drop sharply, which seriously affects the effect and efficiency of the deep carving. Therefore, it is necessary to move the lifting table to a specific height at a specific time during the engraving to ensure the laser surface agglomeration effect. The 3D laser marking machine has greatly reduced the surface flatness requirement of the processed object. In the process of deep carving, the effect is ensured, the efficiency is improved, and the processing effect is more abundant.

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The MRJ-laser 3D dynamic focusing laser marking machine uses the pre-concentrated optical form, which uses a larger X- and Y-axis deflecting lens, thus allowing the transmitted laser spot to be larger, the focusing accuracy is better, and the energy effect is better; if the 3D laser When marking with 2D marking in equal aggregation accuracy, the scale of marking can be larger. The 3D laser marking machine enables one-time marking of cylinders in a specific arc, which greatly increases the processing power.

In the industrial production process, the appearance of many parts is irregular, and the height difference of some parts is quite large. 2D marking processing is difficult to meet the demand. The advantages of 3D laser marking will gradually become prominent.

MRJ-lase adopts self-developed 3D dynamic laser marking control hardware and software, and configures special 3D galvanometer to achieve laser marking on curved workpieces more accurately. There is no defocusing during processing, even complex surfaces can handle freely. .