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World Cup Football Made In China, Football 'ID Card' Made By Laser!
Jul 05, 2018

The 2018 Russia World Cup is in full swing. Although our Chinese team did not break into the finals of the World Cup again, it does not mean that Chinese football did not break into the World Cup.

According to reports, the football used in the World Cup in Russia named "Telstar 18" is from a football manufacturer of Chashan Town, Dongguan. The company introduced the first automated football production line in China, which can produce 1,000 footballs a day. Each football can be produced within 3-5 minutes. The produced football will be sent to Russia. And you know, every ball in this World Cup has its own ID card.

Each football has a QR code ID card

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The person in charge of the factory said that each football has a two-dimensional code in order to facilitate the identification and processing of the machine.This two-dimensional code is the identity card of this football. In addition to the identification of the machine, the football ID card has information of: When was the ball produced? Who produced it? Which raw material is used ?  In addition, this is the first official game ball to support NFC.

So, how to print the QR code ID card?

The traditional two-dimensional code ID card usually adopts the ink jet coding technology ,which is easily fall off and be worn out, and it is not suitable for marking on football. If you want to print a QR code ID that is not easy to erase, you have to use laser coding technology.

On the one hand, the laser marking code has the characteristics of small size, high density, large capacity, low cost, etc., and is suitable for marking on small parts such as soccer balls. On the other hand, laser coding has the characteristics of permanentness and anti-counterfeiting. Football is often worn or stained, the laser-marked QR code can be correctly read.

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500wLaser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

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